Thursday, 19 January 2012

BiRd sTiCkErS

I've discovered an easy and effective way to create your own wall decals. This enables you to be able to choose the fabric and design it yourself, while saving you bundles of money. My method also will not damage walls so is prefect for renters and those of us who struggle with committing with long-term wall treatments.

When I first decided to take on this challenge, I tried using liquid starch since I've read that was a solution. It was a disaster! It was a messy process and it simply did not work at all for larger decals (the fabric was too heavy) and even when it did work for the smaller decals, I found my toddler could easily peel it off. I was frustrated and knew I needed a better system. After months of brainstorming and many failed experiments, I finally found a great solution that I would love to share with you. 

Create a pattern. For small patterns, like the bird above, this is easy but for larger decals, this is the most time-consuming step for me. Cut out the pattern when you are satisfied with your design.

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